General director

Zholzhaksynov Erik Kalievich

 CEO of SCCE "Capital Circus"

Born on May 15, 1959 in the East Kazakhstan region at KarakasKurshimskogo village.

In year1976 - graduated secondary Kirov school 12 in Almaty.

In 1982 - graduated from Lunacharsky State Institute of Theatrical Arts in Moscow. His professional acting career began in 1982 at the Auezov theater.

He became a member of the Union of Cinematoraphers of USSR and Kazakhstan in year 1989.

From 1989 till 2006 he was an actor of the Aymanov film studio.

In year 1998 – he gained the honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan award and in the same year, he became the winner of the festival "Zhiger".

2006 - 2011, he was deputy director general for creativity in National Kazakh Circus.

In year 2011 he was CEO of SCCE "Capital Circus." He’s made a great contribution to the Culture and Cinematography of Kazakhstan.

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